Some great, useful notes from a sermon I recently enjoyed!

Prayer is not to move God; He’s not stuck.

Devil’s tools are DOUBT and ACCUSATIONS against GOD.

Power flows from standing on the Promises.  Do you have a Promises book or list?  If not, email me J.  The preacher recommended looking for whatever promise you need and then praying that promise instead of focusing on the problem.  Topical suggestions:  guidance, safety, forgiveness, strength, faith, work, finances. 

Christian meditation as part of Bible reading/prayer (and explained eastern meditation is about emptying the mind; Christian meditation is FILLING the mind with things of Christ).  

Christian Meditation, How to:  Take a passage of scripture.  Read it three times.  First for context—just what is it saying.  Second, let the Spirit point out a specific section of the passage.  Third, ‘sit’ on that part of the passage until God speaks.

Here’s some options for how to choose your passage.

Find one of those promises and read the passage it sits in…as described above in ‘meditation.’

Find a name of God that meets the need you are feeling; see if you can locate when it was first used…other times it was used.  Let that name truly speak to you…make it personal.  MY xxxx (shepherd, provider…)

Find an example (or many) of God resolving a similar problem (in scripture, in Christian circles).  Look at how it happened, who was involved, let it speak to you.

Find a song that addresses the struggle you are facing.  Listen to it, let it seep in, sing it out!

Some extra notes scribbled about my page:

Don’t ask with fear; meditate, pray through till you can ask in faith.  Negativity in prayer time (30 minutes of woe is me, this problem is smothering me) isn’t fixed by 2 sentence requests of ‘fix it.’ Meditate till you can worship…

Don’t focus on broken-ness, poverty and heartaches…(made me think of that FB post:  don’t tell God how big your problem is, tell your problem how BIG your God is.)

Check your alignment with the Lord.  Are you obedient to what you know you need to know; if you’re not, He still loves you but aligning your ways with His Word is a necessity.

Loved this… To explain the thought: ‘if you are waiting to be motivated, motivation may never appear.  Do something!,’ he quoted a favorite author named “Smith Wigglesworth” who said, “Smith doesn’t ask Smith how he feels; Smith tells Smith how he feels.” 

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