Saturday, February 20, 2010

The LORD our Guide

We have a great aspect of God to look at this morning...His everlasting guidance! Your heart is sure to be encouraged as we contemplate His commitment to guide us. Throughout God's Word are reminders of His perpetual guidance. Divine leading is seen in the lives of every Bible character; it is in our lives too. God never intended for mankind to find his own way. In fact, each individual is precious to God, and He has individual plans of blessing and purpose for each. The path to His blessed purposes can only be found by those who trust in Him.

Even in Paradise, man needed--and received--instruction. One piece of counsel was enough to reveal the self-will of reveal the need for God. Like those first children, our eyes are easily diverted from our gentle leader, our Creator, our source of life. Our hearts are tempted to trust our own thoughts about what will please us most. We become our own blind guides. That first decision to ignore God's counsel opened paths of destruction which continue to be heavily trod. Yet God still gives us only ONE way...THE Way, THE Truth and THE Life: Jesus Christ.

The still small voice of God continues to call to us, 'This is the way, walk in it.' The eye of God still directs those who look to Him. The light of His Word continues to shine forth on the path He desires for us to walk upon. His very spirit dwells within those who have accepted the gift of life in Christ and His hand comforts and leads those who walk with Him. Yet the clamor of our hearts, the busy-ness of our lives and the deceptiveness of the one who masquerades as an angel of light diverts us from His path. We wander off His way; we allow our ears to become dull and our hearts hard. The confident hope we had when walking close to Him gives way to confusion and fear. Yet God's guidance is not absent; He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. If only we will stand quietly and look to Him, we will hear His voice and see His eye guiding us toward the Light and toward His perfect purposes. We will feel the comfort of His touch and our hope will be restored.

God never reveals all of His plans for He calls us to walk by faith and not by sight. His longing for our friendship is a longing for our trust. He is worthy. He will lead us to a place of bounty. We know His leading will never take us from the truth that is revealed in His Word. The path will not always be level or smooth; we would be weak and useless if it were. There may be battles on His path but victory is in Him! The route God takes us upon is designed to bring us into the fullness of His purposes despite our weaknesses and strengths! Take His hand, hear His words of love and embrace the adventures and blessings He has designed just for YOU!

There are so many wonderful scriptures of God's leading, I couldn't choose just one but wanted to offer you several to contemplate. May you be richly blessed in His Word:

The Psalms are a rich source of 'guidance' scriptures: Psalms 25:9; 32:8; 48:14 and 73:24. Isaiah 58:11 is a nice tie with last week's devotion of God as the source of living water. John 16:13 reminds us of the Spirit's presence. There are many, many more. Enjoy your search and let Him lead you into greater riches of His Word!

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