Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jesus is the Quickening Spirit

And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul;
the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. (1 Corinthians 15:45)
A few years ago there was a movie where the main character dramatically whispers his secret, "I see dead people." The heart-wrenching truth is that there are 'dead people' all about us. Without Jesus Christ, there is no life...only an illusion of life...the living soul like Adam's. Walking, talking dead people. This was never God's intention. Humanity was created for union with God Himself...union with the life-giver. Yet there was an option given to this special creation called 'man;' the option to choose life or the option to pursue knowledge on one's own. We all know that Adam and Eve did not choose life; they chose to go their own way and seek--without God. God does not want a mindless creation; yet He wants to guide us on our journey.
Like Adam, all humanity since has sought their own way. The all-wise Creator had known the choice Adam--and his descendants--would make. God knew the cost He would pay to redeem His Creation to its intended purpose. And God, who is love, went forth with His plan by giving Himself to redeem humanity. Fully man, yet fully God, Jesus came to the earth to die to self that true life might be restored to His beloved creation. Jesus did not choose to allow his body to dictate his days on earth. He did not choose to allow his emotions or his reasoning to dictate his choices. Jesus chose to receive God's direction for all His life. With that choice, death had no power. It could not hold the body or soul of Christ; the life of the Spirit was victorious!
When we receive His Spirit into ourselves, we live that victory. We are no longer chained to the rule of our irrational emotions or our rational mind. We are no longer dominated by the desires of our body. We choose life; we choose to be filled with God Himself when the Life-giving Spirit of Jesus is received. May your soul be restored today to the full vibrant life Jesus has provided through your faith in Him!


  1. My dear you recognize thoughts from your book you sent to me! I love you! Thanks.

  2. Yes I do. You know when I first found that book I was so captivated by the thought that I ordered 25 of them to give out. I am so glad you found nuggets of truth to pass on.

    Great post! Keep it up.