Saturday, March 12, 2011

Character - A Life Example

We looked at the quality of faithfulness in our study of Christian Character a few weeks ago.  Today, though, we are preparing to go to the funeral of a lady who exuded this characteristic.  May you be blessed by this little tribute to her:  Miss Marilyn Davis.

Sixty-nine years of teaching Sunday School is a pretty solid example of faithfulness.  Yet, it only scratches the surface of this saint's example.  Courageous conviction lived with humble meekness are the right words, but the reality is so much more beautiful than the words.  Miss Marilyn lived consistently...she was the antithesis of the double-minded man in James. 

Miss Marilyn could always be counted on to do what she said--even to living her entire life without electricity or running water because she made a commitment to her father years before.  I never heard her complain: she hauled coal buckets (and ashes) for heat and cooking; she carried water; she used an outhouse.  Yet all those things were simply the backdrop of a life that constantly reached out to others. 

She planted hundreds of  'Impatience" seeds each year to give to the ladies of the church on Mother's Day.  She shared the bounty of her garden with all but the woodchucks; she had a gun and knew how to use it!  She loved her woods and walking through God's beautiful creation; and she shared it with those who wanted to walk with her.  She saved stickers and cards to give to the children.  She shopped for presents and candies to encourage the children's attendance in Junior Church.  She shared Missionary stories to give little hearts a glimpse of devotion to Jesus.  She shared her life with everyone to give a glimpse of Jesus. 

Miss Marilyn, we will miss you but your example will never be forgotten.  Thank you!

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