Saturday, April 23, 2011

Character: A Spirit of Integrity

Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men.   Romans 12:17

That 'Truth' is synonymous with Christ is clear from scripture; Jesus even said He is the Truth.  As a trait, integrity is integral to the Christian's character.  The poverty of integrity in the lives of Christians is heartbreaking--and devastating.  Satan is the father of lies, and we contribute to his work when we fall for his lies and when we promote his lies by living in their darkness.  Lies Young Women Believe asserts that the best way to spot a fake is to know the original:  we must have a passion to know Jesus above all else!

Never did Christ say one thing and do another; the Christian must not either.  In Colossians 3:9 we are admonished not to lie to one another with acts of the old nature:  bad temper, irritability, meanness, profanity, dirty talk (Message phrasing).  Too often we hear people say they just cannot put off a habit or ignore their grumpy feelings--they assert that it is just 'them.'  God's Word sees it differently; as Christians we are deceiving others when we live out of our deadness.  We are cooperating with the devil and hiding Truth!  Integrity remembers that we are Christ's and our life is hidden with Him!

In Romans, Paul reminds us that anything not of faith is sin:  phew!  God tells us one of His names is Jehovah-Jireh:  the Lord will provide.  If we say we believe in God, yet deny His identity by providing for ourselves in our own ways, we are not living with integrity.  When we call Jesus, LORD, and then refuse His call to obedience, we are living a lie.  The Christian character must be like Christ's in integrity and truthfulness.  As we celebrate Easter, we celebrate new life in Christ.  Let us not cover up His glory but proclaim with every word and action the One who is TRUTH!

Family Chat:

Has anyone ever lied to you?  How did you feel? 

What if the truth hurts...should it be shared?  Do you want to know truth?

If you prefer a lie, what will be the results?

Consider the names of Jesus (here's one resource: and ask the Spirit to reveal whether you are living in the light of a specificTruth?

Consider the who you are in Christ and ask the same thing:

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