Saturday, June 25, 2011

Victories: Health and Relationships Restored

Miraculous, out-of-the blue happenings are a reality, but oftentimes the Lord has been at work while we simply looked elsewhere. Today, you will peek in on victories won and a battle in progress. We have the opportunity to become warriors in the battle with our prayers.

Our families are always a revelation of the truth that God’s ways are not our own, aren’t they? God weaves us together in our families—using our strengths, our weaknesses and our needs—to accomplish His great purposes. Eighteen years ago, David saved his sister’s earthly life. Today, she chooses to serve and bless him in thankfulness and trusting God for eternal victories.

The Lord chose to use a life-threatening illness to restore her to fellowship with Him—and with her brother. The illness also brought transformation to her marriage; other amazing results of the crisis continue to unfold! The solid ground of God’s Word called to her then and sustains her now. May the glimpse of Jesus’ intricate work in these lives obscure any awkwardness created by omitting the sister’s name; the goal is to protect family privacy.
Despite six siblings, only David was a perfect bone marrow match. An unlikely hero in his own eyes—and in the eyes of those who judged only the externals—God had another perspective. A war injury resulting in a lifetime disability had launched David into a debilitating drug problem. Supported by a loving but enabling mother, David’s life had spiraled down until darkness dominated his world. Living in filth with unkempt hair and clothes, David only left his bedroom for the dark, dankness of barrooms and nightlife activities. As his mother’s health declined and nursing home placement became a necessity, homelessness loomed. God wove together the needs of David’s sister and mother to penetrate his hopelessness. His willingness to give life to his sister opened doors David could not have imagined.

The desperation of David’s situation and thankfulness for his gift of life propelled his sister to action. She invited him to move into an apartment above her own. Inspired by her own new lease on life, she suggested changes for him, and in God’s divine timing, David agreed! A haircut, regular laundering and home-cooked meals have lifted David into a world with light and cleanliness. It has brought him into contact with others and opened his world. The dramatic changes in David’s life brought his self-esteem to new heights; it also deeply touched the lives of his family members. God continues to use David to touch others and inspire hope. His sister’s devotion to him and God is a source of seed planting from which she trusts God to produce a harvest.

God has given many victories in this story already: cancer conquered, addiction chains unbound, fellowship restored! Let us praise God for our hero, Jesus! The great miracle of redemption for David is a victory yet to be gained, though. Let us storm the gates of heaven and seek this victory for our story hero, David!

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