Saturday, November 12, 2011

Character: Integrity Revealed

People are looking. They are looking for meaning in life. They are looking for sincere altruism. They are looking for something to believe in. They are looking for truth and doubting it exists. Sin’s fingerprints stain every strata of society--from religion to politics to entertainment to finances. Life in this fallen world generates skepticism naturally. Life in Christ produces abundance supernaturally! The world needs to see Christians living with integrity—because we have what they are looking for! God has blessed us that we will bless others. When Christians live the Truth received, the glory of God becomes visible. People find what they are looking for only in Christ. We all must live in such a way that leads them to Him!

College campuses are filled with “lookers.” Students are seeking truths to build their lives on. Among those walking alongside local students are Dave & Elizabeth Mayner, Campus Bible Fellowship missionaries. Whether leading a bible study, planning an activity or just enjoying a meal with students, Dave & Elizabeth live their lives open to the scrutiny of others. On secular campuses—as in much of this post-modern world—absolute truth is highly suspect, if not outright rejected. The perception is that universal truth is simply intolerant, small-minded ideology. Truth becomes little more than personal opinion. In such a chaotic thought environment, seizing every opportunity to shine light and truth into minds is necessary! A recent invitation to the CBF ministry opened a wide door of opportunity for which the Mayners invite our prayers.

The college has launched a weekly radio show to educate students on the tenets of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Dave joins two other religious persons on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. on WHRW (90.5 FM) to share insights about the foundations of their individual faith. Let us join in prayer that Dave will speak clearly the integral truths of Christianity. Only Truth can withstand intense scrutiny. Let us pray that this show will reveal Truth will in mighty ways.

A building that lacks structural integrity collapses--and causes devastation to those in proximity to it; the same is true when a Christian life lacks authenticity and dissolves under scrutiny or pressure. We need to stand with the Mayners in this endeavor that their lives will stand in the integrity of Christ and others will know the Savior. As we pray for their ministry, might we be reminded that living with integrity as a Christ-follower has eternal implications for each and every one of us. Scripture admonishes and encourages each of us to walk worthy of our calling and take care not to cause another to stumble. Living without integrity is antithesis of the Word’s instruction. Let us pray for one another to follow the example Christ gave:

• Seek and do the desires of the Father

• Speak words that convey His Truths

• Live fully trusting in the goodness of God.

One Christian at a time, we can stand strong in Christ and reveal His glory to those we encounter. America needs us each to stand!


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