Friday, March 2, 2012

Hope of Glory

Today’s descriptive name of the indwelling Christ fulfills a longing each soul feels:  to live a life that has substance and lasting worth.  The risen savior is our only hope for lives that will have eternal significance; He alone is our Hope of Glory (Colossians 1:27).

All else that man can pursue on earth—wealth, power, fame, love—produces only limited returns.  For God, the source of glory, never yields that glory to another.  However, He did allow the fullness of His glory to dwell in Christ, who in turn allows us to be His dwelling place.  It is an incomprehensible truth really—the most unfair exchange of history:  we give up our sins that we may receive His Righteousness:  His Glory!   Creatures made of dust given the magnificent privilege of receiving the Glory of God.  The song of Miriam in Exodus 15:11 helps us glimpse the magnitude of this honor. 

“…Who is like you (O LORD), majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?”

This majestic, awesome, wonder-working God desires to dwell in you and me that our lives will have weight and glory for all eternity.  It is a truth that fills our hearts and minds with wonder!

Moses asked to see the glory of God…and had to be shielded from its power to protect his very life.  When he spent time with the Lord, his own face so shone with God’s glory, he veiled his face from the Israelites upon his return.  United with Christ, we gaze upon His glory and our lives become reflections of it!  The glory of God has life-transforming goodness—His mercy and compassion are contained within.  Scriptures tells us His glory fills all the earth.  The heavens testify to it and we are to declare it with radiant lives.

Seeking God through Jesus Christ, the Hope of Glory, brings eternal rewards to others and us.  As we look into God’s Word, into the meaning of His names, the light of His glory and grace will reflect off our lives onto the world around us.  The Hope of Glory will draw others to Himself if we allow Him to shine in our lives—and His glory will shine evermore into new lives working new wonders! 

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