Friday, November 2, 2012


We will continue exploring Christ’s promises of blessing in the Beatitudes passage.  Our world has a desperate need—I, as an individual, have a desperate need—to embrace this truth:

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.   Matthew 5:5

In this world filled with ‘bullies,’ meekness is a misunderstood, undervalued trait.  We witness bullying everyday—and undoubtedly, we even do it ourselves without noticing. Bullying is simply a devotion to getting one’s own way!  Meekness is the antidote we all need. 

Bullies exist in every walk of life:  families, schools, churches, workplaces.  Some bullies seem relatively harmless; others create legacies of hurt that transcend generations.  The desire for control often instigates bullying behavior.  Pride tells us that our way is best.  We perceive our comfort zone as the best ‘way’ to our goal; all who venture on another path become the enemy of our success.    Bullying intensifies when we feel threatened, and a spirit of self-preservation ignites.  Lashing out against individuals or ideas that seemingly undermine our personal foundation easily spins out of control.  The desire to save one self sometimes costs another their life.   A heart that truly knows the perfect love of God need not accept such a fear.

 News headlines often blaze with reports of bullies who respond to bullying—and the fear it places in their hearts--with deadly aggression. Disgruntled employees defend their personal honor by destroying the lives of others.  Youth often employ the cruelty of technological bullying, effectively destroying spirits.  Political candidates use media to destroy an opponents’ character instead of delineating plans.  Social advocates denigrate one group of people in defense of another.  Bullies often win battles, but Jesus promises the blessing of inheritance to the meek.

 Meekness is the direct opposite of bullying.  Bullies use their strength to demand their way; meek souls contain their strength allowing God to have His way.  The bully appears to win but the reality is far different.  Christ promises that meek hearts inherit the earth…meekness delivers everything the Creator intended in the Garden of Eden!

 Wisdom calls us to give up the foolishness of bullying for the promised blessing of meekness.  For children of God, it is imperative we embrace the beauty of a meek spirit.  God has entrusted His spirit—His power to us.  Scripture tells us that our ‘joy is in the strength of the Lord.’  When we rely on our own opinions or preferences—take joy in our own predilections, we waste His strength!  Joy and strength are companions to the will of God.  The meek spirit rejoices in the truth that the love of the Father filters all that comes our way.  Strength flows from the joy of knowing an all-powerful, loving God is in control.  The key to receiving the blessing of meekness is confessing our pride and embracing the sovereignty of God.   Meek hearts obtain the victories bullies demand. 


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