Friday, March 20, 2009

Holy Ground

Our souls are a magnificent creation of the Lord--intricate and complex beyond my ability to comprehend. The dynamic interaction of the body, soul and spirit produces an ever-changing entity to study. Even 'minor' sicknesses slow the body and turn the flames of the spirit down dampening the soul. Yet, an expression of appreciation or even a random song can sometimes make our spirit soar and our souls rejoice. I suspect our souls are indeed a battleground of the Lord and like Joshua we need to be reminded to take off our sandals--to understand it is Holy Ground to contemplate the soul. As I wander in this thought land, my own poverty and lack is ever-present. My soul is awed with the love of God which reaches out, the power of God which is able to use imperfect vessels and the presence of God which sustains.

The power and value of the soul seems in stark contrast with its vulnerability. The soul can often be touched by a simple word or a kind gesture more effectively than with the most well-orchestrated program or performance. As a society we tend to value individuals based on their appeal to us and their ability to produce what we need. Our God values individuals because of their amazing potential to love. May we feed on His love today that we will simply spill over onto a soul near us who needs His touch.

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