Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shortened Version

Just sharing a more concise view on the gay marriage issue...and I am hoping to do the 'as promised' devotions on character. Perhaps today! Blessings to you.

Guest Viewpoint Submission to Press & Sun Bulletin
TOPIC: Governor Patterson’s Gay Marriage Bill
April 17,2009
Billie Jo Youmans, Port Crane, NY607-648-5006

Defining the gay marriage issue as a civil rights matter is an effective strategy in the battle for public opinion; however, it is a deficient and even deceptive definition. The underlying question which better defines the issue is “Where should one look to determine proper standards of behavior in society?” The roots of this controversy actually run deeply into the foundational structure of America. The gay marriage issue is more accurately defined as a strategy to separate civil law from biblical constraints.

This progression from laws based on the Word of God to the intellectual reasoning of man is a dangerous evolution. In fact, the founders of our country warned that separating American law from biblical morality would destroy the nation. Sadly, there is a growing desire and willingness for society (mankind) to determine what is morally good or bad. The Bible standard is now judged as archaic and even evil. The ‘gay marriage’ issue has become a tool to reshape the social structure according to the whims of humanity. Man’s track record for determining right and wrong is frightening. We need the guidance of God individually and nationally.Another inaccuracy in the debate is the allegation that Christian opposition is rooted in hatred and fear.

The truth is that calling sin, sin is the most loving, courageous action any of us can do for ourselves and others. True love will never affirm behavior that is contrary to God’s directions. Love is of God and love is God—love must then agree with God. Christian opposition to gay marriage exists because it is a union based on overt rejection of God’s Word. Our ‘civil’ society may decide to call this union a marriage but God can not and Christians must courageously choose to answer God’s call to love and obey His Word.

The gay marriage issue is a matter of America’s future. The decisions made about this issue will either honor the foundations of our nation or continue us in the direction that began with prayer being eliminated from schools. The debate deserves clarity and honesty not strategies to pursue hidden agendas.

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