Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lifter of Mine Head

Although the phrase we are using as the subject of our focus today is rather obscure, the concept is prominent throughout scripture. In Psalm 3, David says “But thou, O LORD, art…the ‘lifter up of mine head.’ And therein is our title, “Lifter of mine head.” It is a glorious thing to consider the love of the Father which reaches down and gently redirects our gaze toward His own power and provision. I have been most blessed as I contemplated this designation of God and pray you will be as well.

There is much in life to slump our heads and droop our eyes…sorrow, shame, disappointments. Grueling experiences of life afflict all of us at one time or another. Our eyes drift toward the heartache or circumstance at hand. Our faith seems to fail to produce the promised victory; we wonder if faith is only a fantasy. Or perhaps we have rooted our past triumphs in our own accomplishments and power; sooner or later we will face a challenge beyond our ability to overcome. The beauty of God as the ‘Lifter of our Head’ is most glorious in just those times.

In scripture, ‘lifting the head’ is often associated with pride. It is our natural inclination to ‘take care of things’ ourselves…to go our own way. Yet, Jesus revealed the doorway to blessing as a humble spirit. The difficulties of life which extinguish glimmers of hope outside of Christ move us toward that humility—they lead us to the door of His presence. Disheartening challenges quiet us so that we allow God to reach down and lift our faces ever so gently. His touch is compassionate and perfectly timed. All of the problems of life can be resolved in His light; let Him direct your eyes to the way He longs to resolve your pain!

As David penned that phrase, he was in the midst of great heartache and danger, yet he trusted God to direct him as God had so faithfully done through the years. God has been faithful to each of us as well. Check out the rest of the Psalm—it’s only eight verses. Perhaps you will want to jot a note of the ways God has lifted your eyes to Him in the past—and carried you on to victory.

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