Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mighty God

Isn't this the perfect title of God to consider on Easter weekend! Mighty God. We know it but oh, how often we forget it. This title has no intricacies, no hidden meanings and it is woven throughout scripture. Its truth is obvious whenever we consider the works He has done...the world around us, our own human bodies, the changes in our hearts. 'Mighty God' is used in verses which speak of God's authority, His judgments, His acts, His love and His deliverance. It is a part of the prophesy Isaiah made of Jesus Christ. Like Peter, we see the truth and seek Jesus--only to be terrified by the waves which crash upon us! Jesus, Mighty God, is always there reaching out His hand and lifting us to the joyous hope of Resurrection life.

The One who spoke creation into being, who closed the mouths of lions, who healed the lame and raised the dead is the One who loved us so much, He paid our debt and restored us to the source of power! Romans 6:4 tells us it was the glory of God which raised Jesus from the dead. The power of God flows unabated through time; He is unchanging. His Spirit dwells within those who believe with their heart; don't leave the truths of God in your mind. Live them!

May the victory we celebrate on Easter morning, fill your heart moment by moment with hope and joy. The glory of our Mighty God still gives life...grab hold!

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