Saturday, June 19, 2010

Exceeding Great Reward

Isn’t it nice to have effort acknowledged, to hear a word of appreciation or even receive a tangible reward for work? Today on our journey of exploring ‘who’ God is we have an incredible truth to embrace. God Himself, in speaking to Abram, said “I am…thy exceeding great reward.” WOW! Let your mind pause and consider all that it means to receive God Himself as a Reward.
We have spent weeks searching the scriptural depths of God’s identity that we might better understand Him. Our hearts have rejoiced as we considered how God is Wonderful; our Guide & Keeper; our Hiding Place; our Ransom; our Fortress and Victory Banner and so much more. Doesn’t your heart simply soar to consider that all of that richness is ours! We have such a generous, incredible, awesome God!

One of the great paradoxes of our humanity is that we so easily let our eyes be drawn to earthly rewards and miss out on the greatness of the Reward of God Himself. The praise of men, the pursuit of wealth or honor, the pursuit of pleasure and even our own service to God can become our misguided focus. God’s great desire woven throughout scripture is that we will know Him…and when we know Him, we can do nothing but revere His greatness.
The greatest service to God is complete devotion to Him. It is that service which will draw others into knowledge of Him as well. We must not set the eyes of our hearts on an idol; we must not fear earthly losses. If we do, we run from our Exceeding Great Reward and we may draw others away from Him as well. He is Worthy and He is ours! Seek Him today…embrace the Reward of His presence! Tell all those around about the great Reward you have received; the Reward that they can know too.

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