Saturday, July 24, 2010

Door of Hope

And I will give her her vineyards from thence, and the valley of Achor (trouble) for a door of hope: and she shall sing there, as in the days of her youth, and as in the day when she came up out of the land of Egypt.

(Hosea 2:15)

Our promise to stand upon today comes from the book of Hosea.  While it is spoken particularly to the Jewish nation, it holds a truth we can build upon as well.  Despite repeated and long-term unfaithfulness on the part of His chosen people, God purposes to call them to Himself.  In Hosea, we see that God had withdrawn His blessing from the people in response to rebellion and unfaithfulness.  But God's love is never withdrawn and He still sought to deliberately drawn them unto Himself. 

God's desire is always that our hearts will be united with His in love.  He allures us and blesses us that we will move from a relationship of 'Master' to 'husband.'  In verse 15 God promises to give Israel vineyards--fruitfulness--and to use the Valley of Trouble as a Doorway to Hope.  God still uses trouble to lead us closer to Himself.  Whether the trouble is the result of our own waywardness or an other's or simply a result of our broken world, God desires to utilize the sorrows for our benefit (Romans 8:28). 

Do not wander in despair in the valley of troubles; God promises there is a door to fruitfulness and hope.  Jesus is the door...enter into Him and enjoy the glory of God.

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