Saturday, July 3, 2010


We will close our Alphabet of Attributes with "zeal."  The work of Christ--our release from captivity to sin and deliverance to victory in Him--IS the zeal of the Lord of Hosts (Isaiah 37:32).  Zealousness is a powerful force displayed in God and intended to be displayed in the lives of believers.

Throughout scriptures God's people are exhorted to live with zeal.  Our zeal is to be for the Lord and with knowledge--for zealousness has great impact.  Perhaps the greatest insight into the power of zeal is revealed in Song of Solomon 8:6.  The Hebrew phrase translated as "love is strong as death" could also be written accurately as "ardent zeal is as strong as the grave."  Ardent zeal and fervent love are the same; both are as strong as death itself.  Only the zeal of the Lord is powerful enough to deliver souls from death.   The passion of God was Jesus' power source and it is to be ours as well. 

Isaiah passionately prophesied of all that the zeal of the Lord would accomplish.  We see God's purposes brought to fruition in Jesus Christ.  In Christ we see the patience and perseverance needed by one consumed with zeal for God's purposes.  It is that to which we are called.  In Romans 12, Paul exhorts believers to be living sacrifices never lacking in zeal.  Only if we 'die to self' and live in Christ can our lives be powered by the zeal of the Lord of Hosts.  God's purposes in our lives will be gloriously fulfilled with His zeal.  Embrace a zealous life today!

I truly pray you have enjoyed these weeks of focusing on Jesus Christ.  In coming weeks, we will look at beauty of living in the promises God has given.  Join me and invite others!

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