Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bearer of Sins

While not an official name, ‘Bearer of Sins’ is a title for Christ that is of critical importance to every Christian.  Mulling over its significance blesses!  It is the entry point to salvation, and it is the key to growing in the likeness of Christ. 

Accountability for sin is a constant in Scripture.  Throughout the Levitical laws, the phrase ‘he shall bear his iniquity’ peppers the text.  Even the laws regarding the Priest’s handling of the sin offering bear witness to the crucial responsibilities associated with sin bearing.   That accountability and responsibility never wanes.  No Christian ever matures beyond a daily need for Christ to bear our sins--for everything not of faith is sin.  No one can bear the weight of their own sin—or the sins of others.  Everyone needs the help of the Bearer of Sins:  Jesus Christ. 

In the “ABCs” of salvation, admitting the sin nature is step one.  For many long-time Christians, the reality of being a ‘sinner’ dims after the initial confession.  It becomes an issue settled at the cross rather than a daily reality.  As the years go by and external obedience becomes easier, the magnitude of our sins diminishes—in our own eyes only.  We become complacent with our way of life and tragically fail to place sins we are accountable for upon the Bearer of Sins.

Those deeper, hidden sins of the heart do not weigh on our consciousness, as they should.  The doubts and fears we allow to cloud our view of the Sovereign, Holy Father are sin.  The resentments we allow to grow and separate us from others are sin.  The prideful plans and assumption of individual rights we substitute for God’s plans are sins.  Only the Holy Spirit can illumine the sins we protect in the deep recesses of our hearts.  Those are the sins we need to hand over to the Bearer of Sins that the Spirit can bring life—to others and us!

Death is the result of sin bearing.  Every sin we hold onto—instead of placing it upon Jesus--prevents true life from reigning in us.  Seeing Christ as Bearer of Sins brings life to others and our selves.

So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.  Hebrews 9:28

As we contemplate the magnificence of Christ’s role as the Bearer of Sins, let us ask the Spirit to reveal those hidden sins.  Then, let us we rejoice in handing them over to Him and watching as Life bursts forth!

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