Sunday, January 1, 2012

Generosity Revealed

Praying your Christmas was, and the New Year will be, filled with great joy!

With Christmas joy in the air, sightings of generosity abound.  The spirit of giving initiated by the Father’s love gift of Jesus flows through time—and even through hearts hardened to His touch.. Human generosity blesses for a time—divine generosity blesses for all time!

 Human hearts moved by tragedies often give generously.  Many years ago, my family received such generosity from our entire community; it blessed us immensely.  A devastating house fire just a week before Christmas inspired total strangers to give to us through the local fire department.  Their bountiful provision transformed our emotions from shock and loss to humble awe and gratitude for unearned kindness.  Human generosity improves situations—divine generosity triumphs over all.

Unlike the Christmas blessings we received in our need, hands cannot touch or hold divine generosity extended in human love.  Nevertheless, recipients feel it in powerful ways.  The cost to the Giver is immense…just as God’s cost was in giving Himself.  Yet the returns are greater than the initial expense.  Divine generosity brings freedom to recipients and fulfillment to givers.  It is a precious gift, which always serves to remind others of the Father’s generosity.  Do you know what divine generosity is?  It is ‘simply’ sacrificial love.  It is love that blesses the recipient even as it pierces the giver. 

Watch a parent struggling to love wisely their wayward child, and you will see sacrificial love.  Look at a spouse sitting near the bedside of their dying partner, and you will see a heart pierced as it pours out love.  Consider the grandparents bearing the weight of child rearing as their own health declines, and you will see divine generosity.  Sacrificial loving—putting the interests of another above one’s own concerns—is life changing for givers, recipients and even observers!  God does miracles as His children let His love flow through them and into another.

In a small way—if divine generosity can ever be called small (and it cannot)—we are receiving beautiful gifts of sacrificial love in our home this season.  Our family is preparing to leave this area, where we have lived and loved all our lives.  Many hearts are torn, including our own.  Our greatest Christmas gifts this year are those who, through their pain, have sought to encourage us.  The words of thankfulness for our opportunity from our frail and aging parents are gifts we treasure.  The ‘I’m mad at you for moving but still love you,’ comments are a generosity we do not despise.  Our children’s efforts of seeking to see potential opportunities for good in the midst of their losses are treasures of priceless value.  The giving of each of our dear ones is a generosity we cannot earn.  And in that spirit, they remind us of the generosity of God.  For His gift—Jesus Christ, our Savior—is a generosity no one can earn.  My Christmas prayer is that you, dear reader, will receive of God’s generosity and share it with others that they might feel His transforming power!


  1. Billie Jo, my new friend, it's so sweet to read something that was writtens straight from the heart. Thank you for sharing with us while you're on your journey forward. Remember Abraham separated himself time and time again as God called him out to a new place. The journey to get there was a series of separations. One day we'll separate from this world to a land where separations will not be a part of our lives ever again. Love you!

  2. You are so sweet! What a blessing you have been to me. YES, Abraham is often on my mind these days :<).