Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fun for you. Hope for others.

Summer schedules open up wide for possibilities of fun.  From simple days at the park or pool to extravagant luxury on exotic beaches, the hope of relaxation and enjoyment permeates summer plans. 

Hope--an expected outcome of good as Wikipedia says--sweetens even the most blessed  life.  Can you pause with me for a moment, though, and consider the the impact when hope shines into a life bleak with despair?  We all know those lives abound; sometimes we choose to turn away in our own despair of making any difference.  Will you spare a few minutes to consider putting a party with purpose into your summer plans?

BUT...did you know our accessories can provide for others' necessities?

Trades of Hope is a missional-business providing a market for hand-made items from around the world.  The Trades of Hope organization connects with mission partners in such countries as Guatemala, Bangladesh, Uganda and America to identify tangible ways to offer hope in lives darkened with despair.  The situations are all different.  In Cambodia, the life may have been devastated by an acid attack.  In Bangladesh, sexual slavery may have eclipsed hope.  AIDS, prostitution, disabilities, intense poverty...crippling challenges that we can impact simply by caring action!

Organized in a manner most American women are familiar with, Trades of Hope uses home parties to bring these hand-made items into your world.  Offering an income source to desperate individuals, hope beams into their world.  Basic necessities, health care and education for their children suddenly become possibilities simply because individuals in America have a party.  That opportunity to give hope is a blessing not to be missed!  The team of 'Compassion Entrepreneurs' who bring these parties to homes are passionate about their work. 

In fact, it is that passion that prompted this blog entry.  My friend, Tina Crandall, is offering chances to win a beautiful hand-made silk scarf as a prize to those who will simply take the time to learn more about this incredible opportunity.  Check out these details below--and know that this scarf is far more lovely than the picture shows!

Contest ends July 15th--so don't delay!!

For one chance to win, simply visit her website (
Share her website on your facebook, twitter, and/or blog for another entry.
Purchase from her website for another two chances to win!
Host a catalog party for two more entries (book before July 15).
Join her team for FIVE extra chances and bring the joy of hope to lives as your business!
Post a note back here about how you will act to bring hope...let's spur one another on for good works!

Contests are fun.  Parties are fun.  Giving hope is what we are called to do!



  1. Thank you for featuring Trades of Hope. There are so many desperate women in our world that will be helped by your heart.

  2. Please remember to post a comment here about what you have done to support Trades of Hope. I will keep track of your entries from your posts here. The Nepali Aqua scarf retails for $26 and is one of my best sellers! Good Luck!

  3. Thank you for featuring Trades of Hope, Billie Jo! I am so happy to offer this contest to your readers. This scarf is truly beautiful, and retails for $26! Readers, please comment on this blog and tell us how you supported Trades of Hope. I will keep track of your entries! good luck and thank you for spreading the word of the work Trades of Hope is doing around the world. ~Tina

  4. Thank you, Lin, for your support. You have 3 entries for your caring.

    Note to readers:Please contact me if you need help sharing or ordering from my website. Don't let the technology get in the way of spreading the word. ~Tina

  5. The winner is Lin Watrous!! Thank you for your support, Lin. Your scarf is in the mail.