Thursday, July 18, 2013

HOPE for when we feel we have failed...

Greetings!  This particular writing is part of course I am taking.  But discouragement is so common, I thought perhaps one of you might be blessed by this or have a friend you would like to share it with.  That 'silly' saying of 'If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it' conveys a not so silly truth; we disappoint ourselves but He always loves us perfectly!
Dear friend,

My heart aches with your pain and discouragement.  It does devastate us to feel we have disappointed the One we love so very much.  Can you see your heartache as the very sign that speaks to your love?  The Spirit searches the heart; He knows your sincere sorrow and repentance.  Are you remembering that Jesus died for us while we were yet actively rebelling—totally ignoring and rejecting Him?  That same love envelopes us even when we fail Him after salvation.  I know you know all the facts, walk with me, though, through their beauty and let His words be a balm to your soul.

 God loved—and loves—us too much to leave us on our own; He did not entrust our deliverance to personal effort.  He knows we’re made of dust and we fail in our flesh.  He loves us anyway.  When you trusted Christ for salvation, you accepted God’s preferred destination for you: eternally, irrevocably positioned in Jesus Christ.  He has never seen you anywhere else but IN Christ…covered by the blood with sins forgiven. 

No one is without hope because God is the God of Hope—not before salvation, nor after.  He has promised never to leave or forsake us, even when we fall into sin.  He does not despise a wounded heart.  Your sin has pierced your own heart and now that sin is your opportunity to humbly let it remind you of His unbelievable grace and mercy.  The same grace & mercy that saved you will sustain you.

Remember Romans.  Paul gave us wonderful, deep instruction on this on-going battle in EVERY Christian.  None of us is immune— in this life— from the possibility of falling.  The very fact that you are distressed is evidence of His work within you.  And His Work is the only Hope of Glory for any.  We are justified by faith in His Work and we must live in faith of His Work.  Your heartbreak is real and though saddened the Father, He knew all about it before Christ went to the Cross.  Now you must allow that love to fill you to overflowing and take that message to others.  Do not allow the gift to be in vain.  Live the truth, honey, so others will know they can too.  THAT is the hope we all need.

One of my favorite verses is found deep in the Old Testament where God promises Israel He will restore the years of blight.  When we understand the depths of His goodness and power, we begin to walk with greater confidence and faith.  Deny the enemy the victory in this sin.  Allow God to love you—and then tell everyone you see how great is our God! 

Loving and praying (with the Spirit and Jesus) for His Light to heal and guide,

Your sister IN Christ, Billie Jo

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