Friday, March 6, 2015

Brain Detox Days 11-15

Okay, my daily commitment to writing about the journey got lost in the week.   I did continue on with the process though and do feel it has merit.  It truly helps me take thoughts captive and focus.  I love multi-tasking…perhaps to the point of having trained my brain for distraction.  This has been a useful counter.  Let’s see if I can capture some of the week in a way that may be of use:

Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship  Thankful to be a child of the Key with continual access.  Laid my ‘need’ for an agenda at the altar.  Thanks for acceptance and laid down fear of rejection & condemnation.   Thanks for His creativity and variety—and quality of work (even me).  Laid down people pleasing. Thanks for His friendship and laid my planning desires at His feet. Thankful for the spirit (His and mine!) capacity, again laid down the spirit of rejection—not so much fear but awareness of allowing it to influence how I act!

Praise—Ladder to heaven.  Call to come.  Companionship of my friend.    Sat by His side and watched the activity of heaven J.  Wept at His feet.

Worship—Activity & accomplishments of God.  His love.  His generosity and goodness of gifts.  Confidence in His Wisdom, Power and Desire to Do Good.  Mercy.
Gathering Thoughts  My gathering is typically a ‘to do’ list or concern for struggles of others…nothing of great insight here.  Day 15 was a general sense of unworthiness, ineptness & complexity of life.

Focused Reflection I am just a piece of the plan.  I don’t have to do it all nor do I have it all.  Breaking off unhealthy branches that tell me to do more than God tells me…unhealthy branches that judge me for failing to do things.  Criticism and condemnation often mask as good Christian words:  accountability & discernment.  Each must stand before judge—and I am not he.  Rejection is a wall builder that lies about being a protection.  It says it is safer to distance yourself from people than have them distance themselves from you.  Christ is the right refuge.

Journal  Nothing insightful here either…just little pics of what I’ve written..

Revisit/redesign Thoughts  Live wholly from the Spirit.  God alone has the answers to each problem; He will give me what He wants me to share.  Stay on task.  Alive in the moment for in Him I live and move and have my being!  He is my shelter, my mighty wall.

Active Reach – Little feet; “B”, small jug to remind me to be filled but remember God is filling other jugs too J  ‘belt’ ring:  I am not accepted by King; I am held by Him.

Around day 12, Leaf explained that the contrast between negative and healthy thoughts begins to become clearer.  Awareness is easier.

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