Sunday, March 1, 2015

Brain Detox - Days 9 & 10

Very short today :).  Most of my notes are elsewhere, so we're relying on my memory.  May it inspire you to give it a try!

Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship  Thankful for ‘process’ and ‘journey’ vs. accomplishment.  My ‘lay at the altar’ conviction was pride on day 9.  Humble need is key to His presence.  And on Day 10, thankfulness for the tools God has given for this journey actually led to my ‘lay at the altar’ item.  Laying those tools at His feet and trust Him to give what I need at just the right time.

Praise—Beautiful time of gazing in the face of Jesus yesterday and just melting into His presence today.  Love this focus of enjoying His presence!    

Worship—The wisdom and love of God spoke volumes to me yesterday.  Today, His amazing creativity!  The designer of sunrises designs my life.  I surely cannot do better!
Gathering Thoughts  Leaf is emphasizing focus on the dissolving branches of toxic thoughts these last few days.  Using the Mark 11:22-26 verses about casting mountains into the sea, she reminds that toxic thoughts are dissolving in a chemical soup!  WAHOO.  My tendency to be a fixer…or assuming responsibility to fix everything remains. 

Focused Reflection The Sabbath Rest is more graspable in light of yesterday’s “apple of His eye” reach.  How can I not rest in the love of the all-wise Father.  Today, I was again impressed with the need to let God set the pace and direction.  A child walking with their dad anticipates good and has to work hard to keep up with daddy.  I need to stop rushing off on my own; He will move me forward faster with submission.

Journal  Mountains…little feet..

Revisit/redesign Thoughts God allows only what will move me forward in the best way.  He allows that which will direct me to Him in deeper ways.

Active Reach – Little feet; “B”

Daily Disclaimer:  Welcome to my walk through Dr. Caroline Leaf’s 21-day Brain Detox.  This is a mini-glimpse (and filtered by my personal oddities) of her awesome research.  It is no where near a replacement for her program.  I hope you can enjoy the program personally. The program includes extensive explanations, videos and follow-up support.  I believe it is a good value for the $29.00.  The sign on site is here:

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