Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 3 - Brain Detox with Dr. Leaf

So Day 3, Dr. Leaf cautions against a ‘blah’ feeling of no progress.  Perhaps because I was so blah the first day, I’m feeling good about this today.  It intrigues me that none of this is ‘new’—God has pointed out the same things countless times before.  I’ve known these ‘idols’ and known the ‘Truth’ for years.  It’s moving that head knowing to the heart!

A twinge of hope says patterns of distractedness—notice, forget, notice forget—are a common spiritual truth that can be changed!  Wouldn’t it be neat if 21 days of focus on the Christian living roadblocks that have cropped up for decades will actually destroy them?! 

Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship

Sweet thanks for the ever-present power and presence of God  He’s always loving me…even when I don’t ‘feel’ loveable.  God showed me the link between ‘people-pleasing’ and ‘doing’ that robs Him of thanks—and me of joy.  More on that later.

Praise.  Hard one for me today as the Spirit put in mind Jesus’ words to Peter…if I don’t wash your feet, you have no part of me. I dumped my ‘doing’ on His feet when I placed it at the throne; I wanted to clean it off but He said, no.   I like to do and not receive but His presence was in ministering to me today.  How gracious, persistent and sweet He is!

Worship:  King of Kings, Lord of Lords….my friend.  How can it be???  WOW. 

Gathering Thoughts  Those Five Senses ARE a filter.  Dr. Leaf reminds daily that NO THOUGHT should enter our mind, unchecked.  There is great power in that!  I noticed the gray sky & thought of the different activities/needs of the day.  That we go different directions on Sunday now…that I cannot help my loved ones feel Jesus…things I don’t ‘like.’  The colors, the thoughts were weighty but I would not have acknowledged them w/o this endeavor.  Even worse, I’d have ‘survived’ but not put them in the Light of the World, JESUS.  He just lifted that weight.    He’s got this!

Focused Reflection I realized God is showing me, I am one of His.  He is not expecting me to solve things on my own.    Just like we feed the birds at the window, I am one of his ‘birds.’  He puts feeders down and enjoys seeing me enjoy them.  He doesn’t need me to orchestrate things; He needs me to come to Him and receive from Him.

Journal  I saw the world as full of the creativity and love of God…and I am just one of those dots of love and creativity.  What a bounty to enjoy.  I drew a picture of our window feeder and a bird sitting upon it…and a picture of feet reminding me I need Him to help me daily.

Revisit/redesign Thoughts Serving others, working is how I ‘feel’ accepted/acceptable.  I want to be of use, valuable to others.  I find my value in what they value…and it is a cycle that I cannot sustain.  I think of seniors isolated in a nursing home…I don’t want to spend my last decade or however long worrying that I am of no use.  I want to KNOW that He is able to use me no matter what…I believe it for others.  I want to believe it for me! 

Active Reach

I’m still visiting my first two.  But today my birds remind me:  God loves every sparrow and me!  He knows the hair on my head.  ALL those sparrows are His (not mine). 

And I’m grabbing a pin of ‘feet’ that I have…a pin reminding of the value of unborn babies but a pin that will serve to remind me, I am His baby who needs His care.

So:  How is it going with you?

Daily Disclaimer:  Welcome to my walk through Dr. Caroline Leaf’s 21-day Brain Detox.  This is a mini-glimpse (and filtered by my personal oddities) of her awesome research.  It is no where near a replacement for her program.  I hope you can enjoy the program personally. The program includes extensive explanations, videos and follow-up support.  I believe it is a good value for the $29.00.  The sign on site is here:

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