Thursday, February 19, 2015

Growing together by Changing our thoughts

It has been a very long time since I've added to this blog.  As the years have progressed, my writing typically has a specific focus, and I place articles accordingly.  This blogspot began as a place 'to ramble and grow' with others.  I have decided to do a little 'brain journey' for the next 21 days and want to blog about it with others.  So, here am I to invite you--and warn you of incoming posts :).

If you have never heard of Dr. Caroline Leaf, you are in for a treat. Dr. Leaf is a Christian first and a brain doctor (real and legitimate practice for years) second.  She has some amazing research that weaves the depths of Scriptures into our minds.  She has a 21-day program to take folks on a journey to faith-based thinking.  She teaches that there are only two paths in our minds:  faith or fear.  As she explains, God wired us for faith.  Anytime we chose a fear pathway, our bodies react negatively.  Research indicates 80-90% of all physical illness relates to unhealthy thought patterns.  That 21-day program is what I will be enjoying and blogging about--and hope you might want to do the same.

Read more about her program here:  and

My plan is this:  I will follow the program, blog about and hope others will do the program as well and/or comment.  Let's grow together.  Are you in?

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