Friday, February 20, 2015

Overview of the 21-day Plan

Daily Disclaimer:  Welcome to my walk through Dr. Caroline Leaf’s 21-day Brain Detox.  This is a mini-glimpse (and filtered by my personal oddities) of her awesome research.  It is no where near a replacement for her program.  I hope you can enjoy the program personally. The program includes extensive explanations, videos and follow-up support.  I believe it is a good value for the $29.00.  The sign on site is here:


This first blog will just give you the overview.  I will begin the personal aspects tomorrow. 

The program is based on scientific research about how the brain works.  Dr. Leaf has 25-years of personal experience in the arena of brain research.  The foundational concept is “what we think about grows.”  The program is set for 21 days based on the time needed for establishing habits—but it is a repeatable, life-process to employ.  The goal is to tear down ‘wrong thinking,’ establish proper replacement thoughts, and work those thoughts out. Half-hearted, stop and go practice will not produce results.  The science of the process documents physical changes in the brain…but it is based on how the brain works and requires 21-day commitment.

The program presents a 5-step process to practice daily.  It is a thinking strategy (ask/answer/discuss) program with deliberate action.  Participants will practice conscious awareness of the presence of God.  It is not a “New Age” emptying of the mind of positive affirmation process.    In her personal account, she explains that she does this to start the day and during any stressful moment. 

Step One:         Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship – distinctly different things.
                        Thanksgiving, opens phone line
·        Ask God what he wants you to work on:  kneel at Throne of GRACE – put it down and thank God He is listening, that He died, that He cares, that He knows the way out and will listen to you.

Praise, feel His presence
·        He inhabits our praises, hold His hand, receive His hug or sit on His lap…

Worship, He acts
·        Focus on His worth ship.  Total God-focus.  Bless Him.

GOAL:  Get eyes off self.  God wired us for worship.  When we worship, our entire brain ‘lights’ up; it releases ‘our inner self—our God-designed self/our spirit’ to be free..

Step Two:        Gathering Thoughts:  become aware of what is happening in the head; use the five senses to determine input (God gave us a body for a reason J ) and know what is on your mind.

Put thoughts in the light of truth.  See self in the hands of God; know the wrong thought process cannot stay in the presence of God.  This begins the literal process of breaking wrong thinking down. 

Step Three:       Focused Reflection

This step requires deep intellectual asking, answering and discussion…talk with self and Spirit.  How do the thoughts make you feel in your mind and your body?

Step Four:        Minimal Journaling – A written ‘picture’ of first 3 steps.  (2-3 minutes)

Step Five:         Revisit/redesign Thoughts – specific plan for destroying toxic thoughts

Ask the Spirit to reveal to you the patterns or meanings of what you’ve discovered.  Ask the Spirit what He desires for you—the healthy thought you need to build.  This takes General Thoughts to specific ones.  The root of visible behaviors becomes clearer.

ACTIVE REACH:  Implement the decision (whether words or actions) from previous steps.  Aim for 7 implementations per day.

I'm excited...I think it may be more challenging to write about than I had thought.  My prayer is that all of us will become more like Christ in the next three weeks!  What do you think?  Questions, comments, fears?

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